Bigger and Better

Sometimes God’s people can be so discouraging! In Psalm 4:6, we find David listening to people saying, “Who will show us any good?” David’s own men were discouraged. They were going through a trial, and some were saying, “Oh David, this is the end! God is no longer going to help us.” In life, that’s one of those moments which is so hard to digest when your own loved ones- friends, associates, family say to you, “Well we had enough of this faith business, we can’t take it any longer as we have reached the end. Who will show us any good?”

Well when such discouraging questions come in mind, one should remain calm and try to reflect back on his life. It isn’t easy to do that when you are experiencing such difficult moments. However, when you do so you will get only one thought i.e., it was never about you or the situation in the first place. It has and always will be about on the one who is with you i.e., God- The Father who has promised us that no matter what situations may come across in life; one thing remains constant- “It’s His Unfailing Love For Us!”

Friends let me challenge you when the pressures on the outside should make us bigger on the inside. The trials of life will press against us and make us either midgets or giants- either smaller or bigger. But we have to start on the inside just as David discovered that what were important weren’t the circumstances around him; but the attitude within him. Let God enlarge you when you are going through distress. He alone can do it. You or I cannot do it nor can others do it for us. In fact, others may want to make things even tighter and narrower for us.

Friends, there is a relationship between our attitude inside and our circumstances outside. If we maintain the proper attitude, turn to the Lord and trust Him, then God will use our trials to enlarge us on the inside and we will come out of the distresses as a bigger person.

God bless……


Who’s Thinking About You?

A little boy asked his father, “Dad, what does God Think about?” Now that’s a profound question. After all, if God knows everything- past, present and future- what does He have to think about? Well the answer to this question lies in Ps 40:17 wherein we come to know that God thinks about you and me! There are 3 ways in which God thinks about us.

Firstly, God thinks about us personally. He doesn’t have to be told about us. He doesn’t have to send a committee of angels to investigate our feelings, problems, frustrations or needs. God knows us personally and He knows our names. It always encourages me to read in the Bible that God calls His people by name. He knows us better than our closest friends or loved ones do. He knows our needs and what’s bothering us today.

Secondly, God thinks about us lovingly. He doesn’t think thoughts of evil about us. He isn’t a policeman looking to arrest us. No, our Father in heaven thinks about us lovingly, the way a father and a mother think about their children.

Thirdly, God thinks about us wisely. He has a perfect plan for our lives. David said, “The Lord will perfect that concerns me” (Ps 138:8). When God decides to work in us, we might not see all the pieces and how they fit in together, but the fact is Our Father knows what He is doing and that’s all that matters in our life.

To the one who is reading the blog right now, let me encourage you that nothing is hidden from the eyes of God. For He knows you intimately. He knows not only your name but your every need. He knows what is best for you and always does what is right. Are you waiting for Him to answer your cry? Trust in Him and wait patiently for He will answer coz, He is thinking about you- all the time.

God Bless…..

Dust and Destiny

Our God remembers what we often forget. Sometimes we forget the things He wants us to remember, and that gets us into trouble. Have you remembered lately what you are made of? God took the dust of the ground and made Adam. Then He breathed into Adam the breath of life, and he became a living soul. Physically, we are made from the dust. But we have the mark of deity upon us, for we are made in the image of God.

When we think of dust, we think of something common and ordinary. You can walk out the back door and find dust. Perhaps you don’t even have to go that far. You might just want to look on top of the radio or the dining room table. Dust speaks of weakness and frailty. But it also speaks of tremendous potential.

God made us from the dust that we might be weak in ourselves but strong in Him. God took the dust and made clay, and then He took the clay and made a man. Where there is dust, there is potential. He is the Potter; we are the clay.  As Paul says in Phil 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.” and “We have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us” (2 Cor 4:7). Friends, let me encourage by saying this where there is dust, there is opportunity for growth. Since we draw our strength from our God who delights in our weakness and so let us continue to yield to Him and His creative process in our life.

God bless..

Prepared To Be An Answer

How wonderful it is to receive an answer to prayer. But there is something even more wonderful i.e., to be an answer to prayer. Have you been an answer to prayer lately? Joseph was. In Ps 105:17 we read,”But He sent a man before them, Joseph, who was sold as a slave.” At that time, Joseph could not see what God was doing. But God was preparing him to be an answer to prayer. He was going to use Joseph to protect the people of Israel.

Firstly, God plans His work. We never have to worry about what is going on because God knows. He is never caught off guard and He is never surprised. God never says, “How did that happen?” He chose Abraham and his descendants to accomplish some great purposes in this world- to bear witness of the true and living God, to give us the Bible and the Savior.

Secondly, God works His plan. He uses people to accomplish His purposes. We don’t always know what God is doing. He didn’t send an angel down to prison to explain to Joseph all of His plans. Joseph worked and walked by faith. He went through trials and tribulations, but he ultimately triumphed. Friends, from trail to triumph, from bondage to blessing, Joseph was an answer to prayer.

Friends, we might be wondering today- Why am I going through this experience? Why doesn’t God make life easier for me? Remember Joseph. God chose him, prepared him and used him as an answer to prayer. God doesn’t waste our trials. He designs them for our good and for His glory. Let God prepare you for what He has prepared for you. He might be planning to use you as an answer to prayer.

God Bless…