Know Your Worth!!!

In the Bible, there is a parable on “The Lost Coin’, where Jesus tells the story of a woman who lost one coin. Instead of just shrugging her shoulders and walking away, she went about the process of finding that coin and restoring it to its proper place. This illustration, as well as the illustrations of the Lost Sheep and of the Lost Son, are designed to teach us that God sees the value in every single individual!

God is interested in what others think is worthless! He doesn’t care what you may think about your own own worth. Nor does He care what others may think about your worth. Coz, when God the Father looks at you through the eyes of His love and grace. He sees you as being worthy of His Son.

If you are like that coin, lost in the darkness, the dirt and the disuse of your sin, I invite you to come to the Lord this morning.  He is still seeking and saving that which is lost. You see, to God, there is value in your life! And that value is “PRICELESS”.

God Bless…

The Answer Book

Have you ever faced the problems of dullness, darkness and dryness? Certain days come to us that are simply dull or we experience dryness- we are so spiritually dry, hungry and thirsty. And sometimes we have to go through periods of darkness and we wonder what in the world God is doing in my Life!!

What is the answer to dullness, darkness and dryness? Well the answer to these questions, one can only find in The Word of God. Life cannot be dull when we read and obey the Bible. It has a way of taking the ordinary things of life and making them wonderful.

If you find yourself in darkness today, read your Bible and it will give you light ie, when our minds and hearts are filled with Scripture, everything we see appears different. If you are feeling dry and needy then the Word of God will brighten your soul and its promises will encourage you. Friends, God designed the Bible to meet your needs. So when the discouraging days come, feed your mind and heart with the Word… the only Answer Book to Life..

God bless….

One Legitimate Fear

Psychiatrists call the fear of certain things phobias. There are people who fear heights (acrophobia) and people who fear closed-in places (claustrophobia). There are people afraid of water, dogs and even other people. But there is one fear that drives out all other fears, and we find it in Ps 112:1, ” Praise the Lord! Blessed is the man who fears the Lord, who delights greatly in His commandments.”

All Kinds of fears are taken care of if we fear the Lord. One is the fear of family but if you commit your children to Him then you don’t have to worry about their lives. The fear of the Lord also drives out our financial fears. This doesn’t mean we will all be millionaires. No but what I meant is that we will always have what we need.

Some fear the dark but when you completely trust God then you will always have light when you need it and through His fear you will find His guidance which will always direct you correctly no matter how dark the situation might seems like. Some fear the future- But the word of God says that those who trust in Him will never be shaken ie, they always believe and know that their future is in right hands.

Finally some people have a fear of bad news. To them I would encourage and say that Friends, no news is bad if you are walking in the Will of God. Coz, when you fear the Lord, every other fear is conquered. What are the fears that are holding you back from reaching your potential? If you are still living in fear of – heights, people, family, future, dark, bad news etc., then its time that you start walking in the fear of the Lord and you will know that every other fear is conquered through His power in you.

God bless….

Flattery Gets You Nowhere

Flattery isn’t communication, its manipulation. We flatter people because we want something from them. Its bad enough to flatter people, but it’s even worse to flatter God. Now the question is how do we flatter God?

Well… firstly, when we praise Him, but don’t mean it. It’s so easy to stand in church and sing songs of praise with our minds somewhere else and our hearts not in our singing. We are simply going through an empty ritual. Secondly, when we make promises to Him that we don’t intend to keep. We do this sometimes in our praying. Thirdly, when we pray to Him but don’t really seek His will.

It’s quite easy for us to go through routine prayers and make promises–“Dear Lord, today I’m going to read my Bible or Dear Lord, today I’m not going to yield to that temptation.” But in our hearts, we have no intention of following through and we end up lying to God. Just as how the Israelities lied to Him. They brought sacrifices, hoping to buy God’s blessings. They were flattering Him- their hearts were not right with God.

What does it mean to have a heart right with God? It means we are honest and open with Him. We are sincere and not lying. Friends, never flatter God with dishonesty, insincerity or deception. One way to be honest in your relationship with God is to keep your hearts clean. Confess your sins instead of trying to cover them. He knows your heart, so be truthful in your praying.

God Bless…