God is Near

“The Lord is near to all who call upon Him, to all who call upon Him in truth”(Ps 145:18). Isn’t that a great promise? It’s one you can put to work today. Lets look at it more closely.

First, God is near to those who are stumbling. “The Lord upholds all who fall, and raises up all those who are bowed down” (v.14). You may have stumbled and fallen. Perhaps you just didn’t do what you should have. Maybe you stumbled in your job, and you are embarrassed and worried about it. Perhaps you have stumbled into sin.

Second, God is near to those who carry burdens. Those who are bowed down with the weight of care can find rest if they will call upon Him.

Third, God is near to those who are hungry. “The eyes of all look expectantly to You, and You give them their food in due season” (v.15). Verse 16 shows how simple it is for God to answer prayer: “You open Your hand and satisfy the desire of every living thing.” All God has to do is open His hands to meet our needs today. The problem is, we often don’t open our hearts and cry out to Him.

Fourth, God is near to those who call upon Him. We have this great promise: “He will fulfill the desire of those who fear Him; He also will hear their cry and will save them” (v.19).

Finally, God is near to those who love Him. “The Lord preserves all who love Him, but all the wicked He will destroy” (v.20). Follow the advice of James: “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you” (James 4:8)

Friends, God isn’t far from us in our worse situations of life. Rather He’s waiting for you to take that first step, to cry out to Him and say, “Lord, I want to draw close to You. Here I am.” Let me encourage by saying this- Have you stumbled? Are you carrying a burden, or Are you needy? God promises to be near to all those who call upon Him.

God bless…


Have a Good Day!

How often has someone said to you,”Have a Good Day?” Well that’s a nice statement, but what does it mean? When you review the day’s activities before you go to bed, how do you really know whether the day was good or bad?

When Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery, that was indeed a bad day. But God turned in into good for him. When Potiphar’s wife lied about Joseph and had him put into prison, it was a bad day. But God turned that too into good for him also. Well what we see really at times isn’t what it seems to be. If life is treating you bad and your really wondering when would it really be your good day, then my friends let me encourage you with these 4 key notes.

First and foremost we should try to control our tongue. Bible tells us in Ps 34:13,”keep your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking deceit.” When you say the wrong thing, you will have a bad day. So keep your tongue under control. Second, if you want to have a good day, do good. If you sow the seeds of goodness, you will reap the harvest of goodness. Third, don’t go around with a revolver in your hand. Don’t be bothered by every little sight or by everything what people say. Note throughout the bad days in Joseph life, he decided to keep quiet and continued his good work because he believed that God was working behind the scenes. Friends, be a peacemaker and not a troublemaker. Fourth, trust in Lord because He is watching you. Bible teaches us that the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and His ears are open to their cry.

The word open means “attentive to.” You don’t have to worry about what others do or say because God is watching and listening to you. At this time, when you are reading this blog try to reflect all those moments in life which you thought is bad for you. While the reality was this when you thought the day was bad, God had some other plans for that day. Always remember, God’s plans will always be greater and more beautiful than all our disappointments in life!

God bless…

The God of Your Heart

The God of the galaxies is also the God of the brokenhearted. That’s what David tells us in Ps 147:3-4, “He Heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. He counts the number of the stars; He calls them all by name.

The contrast we see in these two verses- between the heavens and the broken heart are ought to encourage us i.e., the God who made the heavens is concerned about your broken heart. Others may not be concerned, but God is. He isn’t so far away that He doesn’t know your heart is hurting. He isn’t so great that He cannot stoop down to you when you are pained, weeping and looking for help.

Yes, the God of the heavens is the God of your heart. The God who numbers and names the stars knows your needs. He knows all about you, and thus He is able to meet your every need. The God who controls the planets in their orbits is able to take the pieces of your broken heart and put them together again. He will heal your broken heart, provided you give Him all the pieces and yield to His tender love.

Friends, there is no limit to God’s love, His understanding or His power. Perhaps you are broken and worried about your future. Let me encourage you The One who set the galaxies in motion is the same One who addresses your needs. Give Him the pieces and let Him heal your heart!

God bless…

Look Ahead

I do not like caves. When I visited Udayagiri and Khandagiri Caves in Odisha, I could hardly wait to get out. Thus, I somewhat understand David’s distress as he wrote Psalm 142, while hiding from King Saul in a cave. In his distress, he looked in four directions.

First, David looked within and said, “Look, I’m in trouble; I’m complaining; I’m overwhelmed.” Introspection sometimes can be good for you, but don’t spend too much time looking within, or you will get discouraged.

Then David looked around, hoping to find help.”Look on my right hand and see, for there is none to acknowledge me; refuge has failed me; none to care for my soul.” Friends, do you ever feel like that? Do you look around and say, “Nobody even cares- everyone is bearing his own burdens, and nobody wants to share mine?”

After looking within and around and finding only discouragement, DavidĀ  looked up and cried to God and said, “You are my refuge, my portion in the land of the living.” In other words, David was boldly saying that God you are going to hear my cry and deliver me from my situations.

Finally, David looked ahead and stated his claim on the promise of God by praising His name and believing that God’s glory and grace are enough to lead him through the trails of life. Perhaps, you are in a cave of discouragement today. Let me encourage you friends, your hope lies not within yourself nor in your circumstances. But your hope lies in God alone. Look to the Lord and Obey His Word. Be confident when you face the storms of life for He shall calm the storms for His promises are Yes and Amen and His Word is ever true in life.

God bless…