A Random Thought!! 

There will be some hard times when trials and suffering will dominate in life. There will be times when you will do your best to serve the Lord, but He will still put you in tough situations.

At that time, you will never get an answer to the why questions. But God will keep sending you through various trials for His Own purposes and you may never ever know as to why these things had happened to you.

But the good things is this- What we face in life is part of God’s plan for us! His plan is a good plan and He knows what He is doing. Our duty is to trust Him at all times and realize that even the things that hurt us are sent to grow us and to shape our lives for His glory.

God bless…


It’s Good to Fail!!! 

A bone ie, broken often becomes stronger after it is healed. Something in the healing process actually makes the break point stronger than it was before. The same is true of a rope that breaks. In the hands of a master splicer, the rope once repaired becomes stronger than it was before.

The same thing is true of our failures. God can touch our broken places and make us stronger than we were before. Though we fall and fall, and though our faces are covered with the muck and grime of bitter defeat, by God’s grace we can rise from the field of defeat to march on to new victory. 

Do you feel weak and confused? Peter felt that way, too. Are you discouraged about your life? Peter felt discouraged, too. Do you feel backed into a corner? So did Peter. No story in all the Bible gives us more hope. If Peter can fall, anybody can fall. If Peter can come back, anybody can come back.

Here is the proof: Peter did much more for Jesus Christ after his fall than he did before. Before his fall, he was loud, boisterous and unreliable; afterward he became a flaming preacher of the gospel. Before, he was a big talker; afterward, he talked only of what Jesus Christ could do for others. He was the same man, but he was different. He was still Peter through and through, but he had been sifted by Satan, and in the sifting the chaff of his life had been blown away.
God bless…

The Sensitivity of Jesus

The most sensitive man in all history is Jesus Christ. No one ever cared about people like He did. No one ever gave of himself like He did. No one ever felt the pain of others like He did.

He loves you as if there were only one person in the universe to love. He hears you as if you were the only one speaking to Him. He attends to your needs as if yours were the only needs in the universe. What a Christ!

All that touches you touches Him. If it is pain, then He feels the pain. If it is sorrow, then He feels the sorrow. If it is rejection, then He feels the rejection. If it is loss, then He feels the loss. If it is failure, then He feels the failure. Whatever it is that hurts you, He feels it. If it touches you, it touches Him. That’s what the writer to the Hebrews meant when he said, “For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses.”

We do not have a stoic Christ. Nor do we have a preoccupied Christ who is too busy to notice our problems, or an unemotional Christ who runs the universe like some high-powered businessman. He is the sensitive Jesus.

God bless…

He’s In Charge . . . So Relax!

God’s will is more like a sunrise than a sunburst. Early in the morning the sun begins to peek above the eastern horizon. At first the sky lightens, then the first rays streak across the sky, then the rim of the sun begins to rise slowly above the earth. Eventually the whole sun is revealed, rising until it dominates the sky, giving light to the earth and driving away the darkness.

God’s will is like that. At first we see His plan dimly, and then the outline begins to emerge. Slowly, over time, the clouds vanish, the darkness disappears, and the brightness of His presence fills our lives.

Do you get anxious at sunrise when all you can see is the tiny rim of the sun? If you wait long enough you will see the sun in all its brilliance. The same is true of God’s plan for your life. You never see everything in advance, but if you wait long enough, God always reveals His will.

So relax! God is in charge. When the time is right the darkness will vanish, and all that is vague will be made perfectly clear.

God bless….